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has published poems, folk song lyrics, short stories and a novel. He is represented in a number of anthologies, and some of his texts have been translated into Swedish, English and Russian. Presently, his main involvement is in music. He has, among other things, released the CD Blådansen (The Blue Dance), which is the first ever from North Norway consisting of music composed specifically for the Hardanger fiddle.

Recently, the poetry CD Grass is a Slow Thing was released. He has co-operated with the poet Hanne Aga on a number of projects, and with the author Hans Sanse on the children's performance Hæsterock og andre villdyr (Rock'n Roll Horses and Other Wild Animals). The Norwegian Broadcasting corporation (NRK) has made two television programmes based on his texts and music.


I 1983 the municipality of Torsken presented him with its Cultural Award.

In 199 he had the honour of being the leading artist at the Vardanger Festival in Vardø.

In 2000 the folk band Boknakaran, of which he is a member, received The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions' Award for Artists for 1999.

Books Music Art CV Boknakaran Hanne Aga